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The Order of a Traditional Wedding

Before you start planning your wedding ceremony, you need to know that every couple has their own wedding ceremony, and you can design a unique wedding for you. First, you need unique wedding bands, because this is a testimony to your love. The wedding process is complex and cumbersome, swapping rings, kissing lovers, reading vows, and more. What is the traditional wedding ceremony?

procession. This is where you hold the ceremony. Each of you can go to the altar separately, symbolizing the fact that you come from different backgrounds. In the Christian procession, the bride is accompanied by his father, and the groom waits for her on the altar. In a Jewish parade, the groom's parents escorted him to the aisle, and the bride's parents escorted her to the aisle.

Opening remarks and introductions. Next, the host will provide an introduction to the marriage and some ideas. This may be a short narrative of your love story, a statement about what marriage means to you, or a statement about the upcoming ceremony and its representation. Your host may also take the time to emphasize the importance of your upcoming ceremony. This may also include reminding you of your responsibilities and roles in marriage.

Exchange vows. After that, the two of you will exchange vows. You can choose to write your own vows, share your personal statement, then exchange the same vows, or use traditional wording, read the vows by the host or priest, and answer my willingly loudly.

Both sides exchange rings. Put on each other a wedding ring that represents your love. From then on, the two people have each other and will not be separated.

kiss. After you exchanged the vows and rings, the two of you can kiss each other. You have become a real couple.

Conclusion. Finally, the host will end the wedding with the last few sentences and send you blessings.

Exit. After the wedding, you will exit the ceremony as a newlywed couple and start a lively wedding party.

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