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Some Questions to Ask When Designing a Wedding Invitation

You decided to hold a wedding. After buying the tungsten wedding bands for men and women, maybe you need to make a wedding invitation. Wedding invitations seem simple and easy to make, but there are some issues (such as paper selection, print style, design style, etc.) that can get complicated. Here are some questions you might need to ask your designer.

Are you focusing on a particular style or theme (such as traditional or watercolor)? Why do you ask this: Because the invitation lays the foundation for the overall look of your wedding, so make sure your invitation can give you the style you want.

what is the price? What are the benefits of buying other matching products at the same time? Why do you ask this question: Sometimes designers will offer special discounts to couples who order invitations in a set of products. This may be a good idea to consider including them in your plan.

Can you customize? Why do you ask this: In some cases, designers like to design their work based on customer preferences; in other cases, they use well-designed and custom colors and words. If you want to customize, ask in advance and get a price estimate.

Can I set my own invitation wording? Why do you ask this question: The wording of the wedding invitation reflects the rules of etiquette. So if you want to use your own wording in the invitation, please make sure everything is written according to your instructions and will not change the content.

Once I place an order, I can see a proof (what will the invitation look like) before printing the invitation? What if there are typos or errors in the order? Why do you ask this question: Unfortunately, typos and other mistakes can happen. So make sure you see the proof of order before printing all the invitations to avoid any additional charges.

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