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Can Tungsten Rings be Engraved?

If you want a way to honor your love and marriage, it's a good choice to engrave both parties' names and wedding dates on the wedding ring, can the tungsten ring be carved?

Most precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum have ratings of under 5 on the Mohs Scale, which has a maximum of 10. This scale essentially compares materials by scratching one to another and rates them according to the hardness. So, anything with rating of 9 can scratch materials of ratings under 9.

On the other hand, a material of rating of 10 can scratch a material of 9, but not vice versa. Since the etching head of traditional engraving machines use are made from steel, which has a Mohs Scale rating of 7, they cannot scratch tungsten carbide rings, because they have a rating of 9.

For metals that exceed the capability of traditional methods, there are new engraving machines equipped with diamond heads. Diamonds have the highest rating of 10 under the Mohs Scale and thus, diamond engraving machines are able to engrave tungsten rings.

However, the fonts with diamond engraving machines is very limited: they are restricted to only very thin lines, not bolder fonts. In addition to it being very hard it’s also very brittle and it’s possible that the metal could be damaged from contact with the diamond head of the engraving machine.

To preserve the beauty and integrity of your ring, the best way of engraving tungsten wedding rings is with a laser.

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