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How to Tell if a Tungsten Ring is Real?

Now that tungsten bands are becoming more and more popular, many businessmen have discovered business opportunities. Therefore, under the impetus of huge profits, dishonest merchants use cheaper metals instead of tungsten rings to gain a lot of profits, so we must know how to Identify the real tungsten ring from the fake and avoid being deceived.

Tungsten carbide is often called as tungsten for short. It’s one of the hardest materials and almost completely scratch proof. Therefore, tungsten rings possesses incredible features over other rings. They are quite hard and virtually can never be scratched. It will not bend or lose its shape and do not tarnish or fade over time.

Tungsten is a very dense metal and it has much higher density than titanium does. So you must feel weight when holding or wearing tungsten rings or other rings; otherwise, if you feel it’s quite light, it must be fake tungsten rings.

Tungsten measures 8-9 in Mohs hardness scale, only next to natural diamond (10-the highest). Due to its hardness, it virtually can never be scratched except the diamond. Please take a blade or other hard objects and scratch on the surface of tungsten rings. If it can be scratched, it is a fake.

Judge by time With special treatment, tungsten rings is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. Under normal circumstances, it won’t tarnish or fade due to oxidation and maintains as polished as new over time. If used after a period of time, the rings becomes rusted, gets marble veins or even fades, then it must be fake.

After learning how to distinguish between true and false tungsten rings, I believe that you now have a better understanding of tungsten rings, and you can find your rings with confidence.
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