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Three Things to Watch Out for When Planning a Wedding

Your other half uses an engagement ring Philippines to propose to you, and then you are happy to prepare the wedding together. The wedding is by far the most important part, and you will be happy with everything in the wedding, which sets the tone for the whole day's work. There are a few things we must pay careful attention to when planning a wedding.

1. Don't choose to stay away from the reception.

Maintaining your own etiquette space near or at the reception is the best way to reduce costs (rental rent, transportation, even photography and video), book a place near the wedding place or the exact same place as the wedding place Have more time to take pictures with guests and talk to them at cocktail parties.

2. Don't spend the entire decoration budget on flowers at the entrance.

First, high-impact areas such as aisles and altars must be decorated, as these areas will attract the greatest attention of guests and photographers. Then, use the remaining rituals to decorate the budget on the entrance, chairs, and ceiling. Flower-wrapped lattices and flower-covered aisles are classic ceremonial decorations, but you may be as simple as hanging a paper lantern on a chair in the aisle or as elaborate as floor to ceiling.

3. Don't insist on reading for shy friends.

If someone has rejected your invitation before choosing readers, don't worry too much because they are not ready yet. If your readers feel uncomfortable when facing many people, they may feel nervous, which can mean a lot of awkward pauses, unstable or completely numb sounds. If your readers are confident and aware of this, your reading will be smoother.

Obviously, before preparing for marriage, please propose to her first, and then pick a satisfactory couple rings Philippines together.
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