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Your Wedding Should be Moving

Whether your wedding ring is the expensive diamond rings or the cheap titanium rings, once you have determined that your wedding plan already contains the essentials, you can consider adding additional personal or emotional extra gifts. Remember that you don't want to use a lot of reading material to make your guests gasp, so whatever you decide to write, don't assume a concise role. Here are a few ways to make your wedding more unique.

1. Tell your love story
Some couples like to tell romantic or fun stories on the show, telling how they met and fell in love. This is indeed a good idea, especially if you haven't shared it anywhere.

2. Explain some information at the ceremony
If you want your guests to know the details of the wedding, please explain why you chose this special parade-maybe your parents are walking down the aisle and singing the same classical songs, or this is the first time you and your partner are dancing A romantic song. Explain the symbolic meaning behind bouquets and bows, or explain why you choose uniform candle lighting, etc.

3. Thank you very much
Many couples wish to thank the guests for taking their precious time out of their busy lives. They set out from all directions to help them celebrate this important day. Your guests will be happy and realize that their presence will not be ignored or appreciated, they will be even more excited.

4. Thank you very much parents
You cannot imagine your daily life or wedding without the involvement of your parents. This is a sweet and meaningful moment, but sad, let them discover your admiration and appreciation for them. Tell everyone how great they are, and thank you for your continued support and inspiration.

5. To honor relatives or guests who cannot be present
Add a well-thought-out paragraph to those who want to honor a deceased relative or say that anyone is unable to attend your event due to illness or other reasons. Although it is difficult for them to be present, you know that they are mentally with you. You can also attach a photo of them or a photo of you both to show their appreciation.

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